This is the first drip irrigation system of a greenhouse project.
First of all, the submersible pump has ahead of 15 meters and a flow rate of 60 cubic meters per hour.
Then enter the centrifugal filter to filter out the larger sand and gravel particles

Next, enter the sand filter, which is automatically flushed without reverse,

and the cost is relatively low. If it is used for a long time, it is recommended to replace it with our automatic back-flushing filter.

Automatic reverse flushing
When designing, it is necessary to consider the same flow rate,
After the sand filter, the disc filter is connected again. Similarly, this is also a lower cost without an automatic flushing function.
Then enter the water storage tank, this can be installed according to your actual situation, it is not necessary.

Our project is the renovation and upgrade, so there are water storage tanks,

Next is the automatic water and fertilizer machine. The bypass used here is access prevention.

What we see is a three-way fertilizer suction channel, the water and fertilizer machine can mix according to the set ratio, and then inject into the main pipeline. During injection, Ec and PH values ​​can be detected and recorded automatically.

The water and fertilizer machine can also be controlled with a mobile phone through the Internet of Things and controlled with the touch screen of the device to make an irrigation plan.
If there is an emergency, you can use the control button of the host to stop working.

Bypass water and fertilizer machine, easy to use and reliable.
Before leaving the factory, you can determine the irrigation time, fertilizer concentration, and detect the Ec and PH values ​​according to your planting crops before leaving the factory.

Welcome to contact our engineers before customizing, and you can add multi-channel solenoid valve control to further improve the ability of automatic control.

Achieve precise and water-saving functions. Better save labor, fertilizer, and water.
We help customers design dropper system (water and fertilizer system) solutions, provide installation drawings and installation videos, and English customer service.

Post-technical services to ensure simple installation and use.

The equipment uses high-end Siemens PLC and Delixi control switches. Better serve you