Our system is specially designed and developed for the agricultural Internet of Things。
1. It can be developed free. It has built-in more than ten kinds of sensors commonly used for air,
land temperature, humidity, EC, soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, soil PH,
wind, wind direction, rainfall, etc. Farmers can plug and play.

2. Multiple communication modes can be expanded,
including built-in (wifi, 3G/4G/Lora and other communication modes)

3. The built-in control system supports 4-way, 8-way, 16 way and 32 way control systems.
It can set the timing switch, set the running time, set the date, etc.
It also supports customization development. Zoned regular irrigation, task planning, remote control by mobile phone.

4. One to one customer service.
After selecting the parameters, you can directly place an order and deliver the goods after testing to ensure the quality

5. Cloud platform, which can easily browse historical data on mobile phones and Web interfaces