Strawberry drip irrigation

Strawberries should be grown in fertile, loose neutral or slightly acidic loam. It is not suitable for cultivation in soils that are too sticky. The soil is fertilized, water is poured, and strawberries can be grown. According to the growth characteristics of strawberries, the use of under-film drip irrigation technology for strawberry planting will have […]

Watermelon drip irrigation

The watermelon irrigated by drip irrigation reduces the humidity in the shed, reduces the watermelon disease, improves the soil ecological environment, loosens the soil, increases the water content, and develops the root system of the watermelon. The final fruit commodity rate increased by more than 15%, the quality of watermelon pulp was also improved, and […]

Beet drip irrigation

Beets are different from grass crops. It mainly relies on the high yield of roots, the roots are hypertrophy, the roots are developed, the water demand is high, and the biological yield is high. The physical and chemical properties of the soil are more stringent. Neutral, slightly alkaline (pH 6.5-7.5) soil should be chosen, the […]

Apple drip irrigation

Every growth process of apple trees is closely related to water. Therefore, timely and proper water supply is an important measure to ensure the normal metabolism of apple trees and high yield and quality. Insufficient or insufficient water supply will weaken the tree and cause serious damage to fallen leaves, rotten roots and trees. Insufficient […]

Cotton drip irrigation

Field capillary laying problem At present, more than 2.05 meters wide mulch is used in the production, and three or six rows of cotton are planted on the film. The use of a three-tube membrane is more conducive to the advantages of drip irrigation technology. If the soil is sandy, it is necessary to use […]

Fruit tree drip irrigation case

Fruit tree drip irrigationĀ is a special equipment that filters pressurized water (pressure that can be pressurized by the water pump or use the topographical drop) and pass through the various water distribution networks (including the main pipe ,supervisor, branch pipe, capillary tubeĀ and the gate valve, etc.) to the dripper, the water is dripped directly from […]