The advantages of integration of water and fertilizer

First, the application of integrated drip irrigation system of water and fertilizer can easily complete a small number of times to apply fertilizer, according to the rules of crop fertilizer;Secondly, it can reduce the waste of fertilizer caused by evaporation and leaching, and then greatly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.Generally speaking, the lower the […]

What kinds of plants are suitable for drip irrigation and micro-sprinkler irrigation?

Drip irrigation should be used for vegetables. Micro-sprinkler irrigation is usually used for flowers, seedlings, soilless plants and ornamental plants. Micro-sprinkling irrigation technology is generally not suitable for vegetables in facilities. Drip irrigation technology, it is to point to will a certain low pressure of irrigation water, through the low pressure, water distribution pipeline, to […]

What are the advantages of microjet belt?

Micro-sprinkler irrigation technology has been widely used in agricultural irrigation and urban garden irrigation in recent years.Compared with sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation has a significant effect of saving cost and increasing production. Compared with sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation does not produce soil consolidation, field runoff, soil erosion, reduced fertilizer efficiency and other phenomena.Compared with drip […]

Irrigation technology of vegetable greenhouses under membrane

1. Most of the water supply for drip irrigation under membrane and drip irrigation in greenhouses is well water, but the pump of well water directly supplies drip irrigation in greenhouses. There is a contradiction between simultaneous water supply and different types of vegetables.Therefore, greenhouses drip irrigation water supply should generally choose the following forms: […]

Benefits of irrigation technology application

1. Application benefits of drip irrigation technology After years of production practice, it has been proved that drip irrigation technology in solar greenhouse is more effective than traditional furrow and furrow irrigation method. 1.1 achieve scientific and reasonable irrigation Drip irrigation can deliver low-pressure water directly to the roots of crops in a timely and […]

Why can drip irrigation save water than traditional irrigation

Drip irrigation is a kind of water-saving irrigation method that is gradually emerging now. The so-called water-saving means is that the water consumption in the irrigation process is lower than that of traditional flood irrigation, ditch irrigation and other methods, which will be popularized in the future.Drip irrigation is the best irrigation method under the […]

How to select the appropriate filter

1. Physical and chemical characteristics of water quality. The water source can be sampled and analyzed, and the water quality can be tested. In order to obtain such indicators as the size diameter, physical characteristics and concentration of impurities, the obtained data can be used to select the physical and chemical types that tend to […]

The importance of irrigation filters in water-saving irrigation systems

According to the irrigation filter manufacturer, the anti-clogging performance of water-saving irrigation equipment such as drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation represents the technical level of the equipment.Since preparations such as water and fertilizers and pesticides are also delivered through the drip head, stability and evenness of the drip head are the most important indicators in […]