Because of drip irrigation:

• Optimizes Yields

• Minimizes Inputs

• Maximizes Profits

5 Uses For Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems can be used on a wide variety of plants, including:

Low-growing crops, such as bell peppers, lettuce, beans, and squash;

Fruits, including blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries;

Staple crops, such as cotton;

Crops that grow just below the surface in the soil, such as potatoes, onions, and carrots.

Vineyard Drip Irrigation Systems usually consist of Heavywall Dripperline Hose with the built-in emitters. It can be installed and applied for years. This is a dependable and long-lasting system with proven results. Run from a garden hose or larger pond system, it will work well.

Consistent Watering makes for Faster & Higher Yields! The Emitters are laid out between the vines – not right at the roots – so that the roots must grow outwards and reach for the water. This is a proven strategy for strong root systems in the vine.

After applying drip irrigation with sugar rising from 20.5 percent to 22 percent,statistics. Compared with before the integration of water-fertilizer technology, the sugar of grapes with the new technology increased by an average of 1.8% to 2%.

Why can “integration of water and fertilizer” have such good effect?That‘s because the integration of water and fertilizer is irrigation and fertilization at the same time.By dissolving fertilizer in irrigation water, water is piped to the roots of each grape plant in the field, allowing the roots to absorb water and nutrients.Compared with common fertilizing and watering methods, the absorption rate of crop fertilizer can be greatly enhanced.

The “full set of equipment” is just a power cabinet, a water pump, and a centrifugal filter. The fertilizer water is pumped out by the water pump, and after being filtered by the centrifugal filter, the main pipe is sent by the supervisor. There is a sprinkler on the branch, and there is one every two meters. By manipulating the power cabinet, the water that dissolves the fertilizer will “spray” along the nozzle to the soil, and it can pour 666 square meters in half an hour.

Originally applied to 800 square meters of land, two workers were required to work for two days, and each person earned 120 yuan per day. Now the money is saved. Compared with ordinary fertilization, water and fertilizer integration adopts the form of ‘less food and more meals’. Fertilization, high absorption rate and water saving, fertilizer; from the fertilizer effect point of view, the glucose content increased by 2 percentage points, that is, the unit price per kilogram can increase by about 40%. ”

Compared with the water and fertilizer integration technology that was not used last year, this year’s grape price per kilogram increased by 45%, and the square meter benefits increased by 1000$.