1. Application benefits of drip irrigation technology

After years of production practice, it has been proved that drip irrigation technology in solar greenhouse is more effective than traditional furrow and furrow irrigation method.

1.1 achieve scientific and reasonable irrigation

Drip irrigation can deliver low-pressure water directly to the roots of crops in a timely and appropriate manner according to the water requirements of different crops at different growth stages.Its pipelization and automation device can complete the whole greenhouse uniformly at the same time

The irrigation task has changed the problem of uneven traditional furrow irrigation and difficult to control the irrigation amount, and provided the crops with the best soil moisture state.

1.2 save water, energy, fertilizer, convenience and medicine

Drip irrigation can avoid the loss of runoff and leakage evaporation caused by flood irrigation and has obvious water-saving effect.The experiment shows that the water saving and electricity saving are achieved.In addition, the use of drip irrigation technology, the use of fertilizer tanks can be directly transported with water to the crops around the rhizosphere, and can achieve a uniform amount of supply, to avoid the loss of fertilizer, leakage and volatile loss, improve the effective utilization rate, water saving 10% ~ 15%.It is convenient and economical to disinfect the soil and apply medicine to the roots of crops through a fertilizer tank, and reduce humidity in the shed.

Irrigation technology has obvious advantages over traditional furrow irrigation. Drip irrigation technology can promote the development of fruits and vegetables toward high yield, high quality and high efficiency.According to lanzhou irrigation experimental station test and production investigation, cucumber

Generally, the increase in production is up to 70%, with 70% as a bonus;Chili generally increased production by 79%, 79% free income;Muskmelon generally increased production by 55% and income by 55%.The economic benefits are considerable.

1.4 can improve the ground temperature

Drip irrigation technology can avoid the drop of ground temperature caused by furrow irrigation, and at the same time, reduce indoor air humidity and reduce heat loss.According to measurement: general average ground temperature in 5 ~ 10 cm soil layer can be improved 2 ~ 3 ℃, the light in greenhouse counter-season production is particularly important to improve yield and quality.

1.5 prevent soil consolidation

Since drip irrigation is the timely, uniform and slow infiltration of an appropriate amount of low-pressure water into the soil, it eliminates the erosion and pressure of furrow irrigation flow on the soil and prevents soil consolidation.

1.6 reduce humidity, diseases and pollution

Drip irrigation technology is adopted, because the water is imported into the room from the pipe, and the water is supplied under the membrane. There is no evaporation of bright water in the room, which can reduce the indoor air humidity.It greatly reduces the growth of weeds, thus saving pesticide and labor.

1.7 reduce labor intensity and increase farmers’ income

Drip irrigation technology can reduce the labor intensity of irrigation, fertilization and drug application.We will vigorously improve the quality and marketization of vegetables and fruits and increase farmers’ incomes.