1. Physical treatment of water

The physical processes are clarified, filtered, or used in combination.The obligation of the physical treatment of water is to accurately determine the necessary filter series and select reasonable filter situation according to the solid journal of the water source and the small aperture of drip irrigation manufacturer with zui.The size of the filter is determined by the flow rate of the filter and the loss of the head is calculated.At the same time, determine the filter flush style, flush interval time and so on.

(1) clarification.The clarifying action is to extract larger inorganic suspended particles from water.Reservoir and dam have excellent clarifying function.Drip irrigation manufacturers take river and canal water as water source. In many cases, special sedimentation tanks or catchment tanks are constructed to clarify water sources.Clarification is also an economical and useful method for preliminary treatment of water quality, which can greatly reduce the amount of sundries in the water. The clarifying tank combined with aeration is a good way to go out and irrigate the iron and other soluble solids in the water.

(2) filtering.When water flows through a multi-void or porous structure to stop an object, the suspended or colloidal substance in the water is intercepted or trapped by an airway in an airway, pore or medium object in a millisecond millisecond year.Filtration is one of the most widely used, economical and useful methods in drip irrigation.

2. Chemical treatment of water

The purpose of water treatment is: to cut the amount of suspended material into the drip irrigation plant;Control the bacterial growth in drip irrigation factory zone;Ablation of sediment or solids;Keep irrigation water firm and always filter the results.Chemical processing can be done separately or simultaneously with physical processing.Chlorination, acid addition and copper sulfate are the most commonly used chemical treatments in the low – level system.

In chemical treatment of irrigation water, two problems should be considered. One is to prevent people and animals from drinking water poisoned by chemical treatment. In addition to education, people should not use drip irrigation factory water for drinking water.But to prevent water pollution problems, in the water treatment should be particularly careful not to have the water containing chemical drugs back into the water source.

Biological treatment of water

Biological treatment of water quality refers to the cultivation of fish to help reduce suspended matter of algae, microorganism and other organics in water sources with large water surface such as reservoirs and embankments.Many studies have noted that in the artificial waters of silver carp, carp, carp, grass carp and other fish, the number of plankton will greatly reduce baidu’s ranking, but the biological chain will not be damaged.