1. Physical and chemical characteristics of water quality.

The water source can be sampled and analyzed, and the water quality can be tested. In order to obtain such indicators as the size diameter, physical characteristics and concentration of impurities, the obtained data can be used to select the physical and chemical types that tend to be filtered by irrigation filters, as well as the cleaning mode of impurities when cleaning filters, namely the maintenance mode of irrigation filters.

2. The diameter of the channel of the selected sprinkler head, etc.

The sprinkler head and other irrigators are the most affected by filtration. Among them, the diameter of the runner determines the minimum requirements for the diameter of impurities after filtration of the irrigation filter. After all, the filter does not completely filter out impurities.Also take into account the accumulation of impurities.

3. Peak flow rate of irrigation system.

Good filtering effect is of course important, but as irrigation equipment, drip heads are used to continuously irrigate crops, so irrigation filters also need to consider the filtration rate to prevent the flow rate at the filter site from greatly reducing the flow rate and resulting in discontinuity, which is not worth the cost.

4. Cost control.

Irrigation filters are not bought once and for all.In the daily filtering process, impurities will inevitably accumulate in the filter, which requires manual cleaning, so the cost of cleaning and even replacement should be considered.

5. Refer to established materials and requirements.

In the construction of water-saving irrigation system, as the supplier of the part of top drip irrigator, there will be certain level requirements for irrigation filters.You can choose according to the requirements of the manufacturer.For example, the mesh filter and the stack filter, manufacturers will generally be represented by the mesh number, the higher the mesh number, the higher the filtration capacity.Sand filter is indicated by the label of filter sand stone.