Irrigation water, in the form of water drops, moistens the soil like rain without damaging the soil structure, creating a good water condition for the growth of crops.As irrigation water is transported and distributed to the field through various sprinkler irrigation equipment, it works under control and can supply water accurately according to the water supply conditions and the law of crop water demand.In addition, sprinkler irrigation can also adjust the microclimate in the field. In the dry and hot air season, sprinkler irrigation can increase the air humidity and reduce the temperature, which can achieve good results.Spray in early spring to prevent frost.Practice shows that sprinkler irrigation can increase yield by 15% ~25% compared with ground irrigation.

2. Sprinkler irrigation can save water consumption

Because there is no water loss in the sprinkler system, the intensity of sprinkler irrigation and irrigation water can be well controlled, and the irrigation water is uniform and the water utilization rate is high.The irrigation water uniformity of sprinkler irrigation can reach 80-85% generally, the effective utilization rate of water is more than 80%, and the water consumption is 30%~50% less than that of surface irrigation.

3. Sprinkler irrigation has strong adaptability

One of the outstanding advantages of sprinkler irrigation is that it can be used for various types of soil and crops, which are limited by topographic conditions.For example, sprinkler irrigation can be used in areas where surface irrigation is difficult, such as sandy land or topographic slope reaching 5%.In areas with high underground water level, surface irrigation makes the soil layer too wet and easy to cause salinization of the soil. Therefore, sprinkler irrigation can adjust the water condition of the upper soil to avoid salinization.Because sprinkler irrigation has low requirements on topography, it can save a lot of work on land leveling.

Spraying irrigation can save labor

Due to the high degree of mechanization, irrigation system can greatly reduce the intensity of irrigation labor and save a lot of labor.For example, various sprinkler irrigation units can increase working efficiency by 20-30 times.

5. Sprinkler irrigation can improve the utilization rate of cultivated land

The use of sprinkler irrigation can greatly reduce the area of ditch and ridge in the field, increase the actual planting area and improve the utilization rate of cultivated land by 7% to 15%.