With the rapid increase of population and increasingly developed economy, the prominent contradiction between the supply and demand of water resources is also reflected in agriculture. Water saving is the top priority, so PE drip irrigation pipe is applied more and more widely.As a major irrigation equipment in the emerging era, PE drip irrigation pipe has the following advantages:

1. Wear resistant roof of irrigation pipe, 7~10 times of other irrigation methods;

2, good low temperature resistance, remains under 269 ℃ ductility;

3. Excellent internal pressure strength, environmental stress cracking resistance and rapid cracking resistance;

4. Self-lubrication, anti-adhesion, non-scale, low friction coefficient, comparable to ptfe;

5. The shock energy absorption value is the highest among all plastics, and has the silencing property;

6. Hygienic and non-toxic, with access to food and drugs;

7, plastic impact strength listed in the first place, and can stay under 196 ℃;

8. Good chemical stability, able to withstand various corrosive and organic media within a certain range of temperature and concentration.

With the continuous improvement of quality requirements for PE drip irrigation pipe, PE drip irrigation pipe should be equipped with the advantages mentioned above in order to better put into work, so as to provide better services for everyone.