Micro-sprinkler irrigation technology has been widely used in agricultural irrigation and urban garden irrigation in recent years.Compared with sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation has a significant effect of saving cost and increasing production. Compared with sprinkler irrigation, micro-sprinkler irrigation does not produce soil consolidation, field runoff, soil erosion, reduced fertilizer efficiency and other phenomena.Compared with drip irrigation, it does not cause excessive water content in the roots of plants, which is prone to diseases and soil salt accumulation.

In the process of micro-sprinkling irrigation technology, how to use micro-sprinkling belt correctly is the necessary condition to play the role of micro-sprinkling irrigation.

Advantages of microjet belt

1: save 50-80% of labor, 40-80% of water, 50% of fertilizer and 10-30% of production

2: high quality raw material, high strength PE and ultraviolet resistance ratio, anti-aging

3: the anti-aging life of the test is more than 3 years, with low working pressure and low energy consumption

4: scientific hole layout design, round and smooth aperture, not easy to block and spray uniformity, no wind and breeze weather to ensure the normal use, such as continuous drizzle effect is very ideal

5: flexible design, easy operation, standard meters enough

6: micro-spray belt irrigation is uniform, irrigation area is large, and yield is increased

7: convenient for storage and handling, simple installation and operation