Drip irrigation is a kind of water-saving irrigation method that is gradually emerging now. The so-called water-saving means is that the water consumption in the irrigation process is lower than that of traditional flood irrigation, ditch irrigation and other methods, which will be popularized in the future.Drip irrigation is the best irrigation method under the increasingly severe water shortage.Many friends do not know why drip irrigation saves water compared with traditional irrigation, irrigation ditch irrigation, the following xiamen most irrigation to explain why drip irrigation can save water than traditional irrigation.

To understand this problem, we first need to understand which processes water is wasted in traditional irrigation methods.When irrigating, water is absorbed by the crop. First, water is transported from the source to the field. Then, water is sent to the field to be absorbed by the crop.In these processes, water is lost.

1. In the process of water transportation from the source of water to the field, traditional irrigation is made by constructing canals, canals are made by cement, and soil arch. Evaporation and leakage are inevitable in both.Water is wasted.

Drip irrigation because of the existence of pumps and filters, water must be transported to the field through pipelines, which completely shields the loss of water transportation, which can be completely ignored compared with traditional irrigation.

2, the water to crops, traditional irrigation methods by furrow irrigation, flood irrigation and border irrigation, also have artificial sprinkler, the several ways are covering a wide range of land, water surface runoff formation, a lot of water seep into the nothing to crop touched the soil, the combined with out the surface of the soil water, caused the infiltration and evaporation.

Drip irrigation through all kinds of pressure compensation will filter the good water drops in relatively slow and uniform way for irrigation, adjustable pressure compensation drop head position, water velocity is adjustable, so the drip irrigation can be accurate to send water to crop root soil, other blank soil and weeds will not direct contact with water, it can greatly reduce useless soil cover, thus a large amount of water.Drip irrigation water saving is the main reason for this link.

3. Traditional irrigation belongs to periodic excessive irrigation, and the amount of crop absorption is limited. During each irrigation, a large amount of water may make the root of the crop difficult to breathe, resulting in retting, or the water continues to infiltrate through the root soil of the crop.That is to say, the water supply is not uniform, like a person eating, hungry for three days and then let him eat a crazy meal, and then hungry for three days, and so on;Which is healthier, eating three regular meals a day or three regular meals a day?

Similar to the second one, drip irrigation system usually includes many switching valves and complex pipeline wiring, so it can freely control the flow rate and irrigation time, which can be flexible irrigation according to the water demand characteristics and water demand of crops. Generally speaking, it is to give as much as you are hungry, and never give as much as you eat.Thus, some useless water supply is saved.