Sand filter Water irrigation ultra centrifugal screen filters machine system

Precision filtration applicable object water applicable object property weakly corrosive filter material type quartz sand filter type tubular main material carbon steel applicable scope food, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, electroplating, mineral processing, water treatment, petroleum, dye

Traffic: 13 m/H

External dimension: 400 (mm)

Original price was: $1,836.10.Current price is: $1,778.69.


Sand and stone filter using a certain thickness of sand filter bed, filter out the raw water and inorganic solids suspended solids;Simple structure, mature technology, cost-effective, wide range of applications.The filtration system can be composed of one or more standard high speed filtration units. The raw water passes through the internal water distributor, filter layer and water collector to effectively remove suspended solids and reduce turbidity.(if loaded with specific filter material, such as activated carbon, anthracite, etc., can also be adsorbed to remove the corresponding and harmful ions.)Sand and gravel filter filter units from 16 “(400mm) to 60” (1500mm) standard series;Also can according to the customer’s request, provides the non-standard series, for the customer is the economical practical combination way.The product can be used as a separate filter system or as a side filter system, which can be extended indefinitely if multiple processing units are installed on common pipes.Can be in the case of large flow and small pressure loss, long-term stable work, energy saving and environmental protection, basic maintenance free.

The product application

1.Industrial process water filtration — such as nozzle, heat transfer station water protection filtration.

2.Industrial recycling water filtration — steel, metallurgy, paper, heat exchangers, power, petrochemical, food systems and other industries.

3.Raw water treatment and filtration — surface water, river water, river water, lake water, sea water, etc.

4.Irrigation filtration – filtration of water for farmland, parks, municipal and golf courses.

5.Water filtration in aquaculture, swimming and water parks.

Product appearance detail