8 Inch Solar submersible pump SP type


series capacity range:0m³/h-100m³ /h

max total head: 184m

series capacity range:0m³/h-100m³ /h,

max total head: 410m

series capacity range:0m³/h-120m³ /h,

max total head: 190m

series capacity range:0m³/h-120m³ /h,

max total head: 430m

Original price was: $1,094.62.Current price is: $1,077.93.



Dc solar submersible pump is an environmentally-friendly water supply solution. dc solar submersible pump is fitted with a permanent magnet motor which enables the efficient use of energy from nature. The dc solar submersible pump offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable.


DC/AC solar water pump struct:

water pump


How to choose the pump suitable for your application?


1. Find the required flow
2. Find the actually required lift
3. Check the table to find the corresponding water pump model



Water pump

Water pump


Water pump

Water pump


Product details:

♦01 Permanent magnet synchronous motor
All our solar pumps are equipped with DC Brushless Permanent-magnetic synchronous motor,15%-20%o more efficient than common motor, can realize flow control function

Water pump
           Permanent magnet synchronous motor


♦02 All SUS solar pump
Can be customized al stainless stell solar pump

Water pump
Solar pump

♦03 MPPT controller
Sand-proof, water-proof, high temp. resisting MPPT controller, Max power point tracking making the most use of the sun. The LED screen shows current, power, voltage, speed data

Water pump
                           MPPT controller



The photovoltaic water pump system is a system that directly uses the photovoltaic effect of solar cells to generate electricity, and then through a series of power electronics, motors, water machines, and other control and implementation link to achieve water lifting in rivers, lakes or deep wells.



Water pump
                                                             Connection diagram

The photovoltaic water pump makes use of durable energy from the sun. It works at sunrise and stops at sunset. It does not need personnel to watch over it. It does not need diesel oil or a power grid. It can be used in combination with drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation, and other irrigation facilities. It can save water and energy, and greatly reduce the investment cost of using fossil energy power. Water pump


Seven advantages of solar submersible pump:

1. Reliable: the photovoltaic power supply seldom uses moving parts and works reliably.

2. Safety: do not produce any solid, liquid and gas harmful substances, environmental protection.

3. Green and pollution-free energy, solar energy is clean energy, which is extremely valuable.

4. Good compatibility, photovoltaic power generation can be used with other energy sources, convenient for capacity expansion.

5. The high degree of standardization, series and parallel connection of components meet the needs of different power consumption, with strong universality.

6. Simple installation and maintenance, low operation costs, especially its high reliability have attracted much attention.

7. There is no need for people to take care of the water pump. The water pump works at sunrise and stops at sunset, saving people’s costs.

Water pump
                                                                      Solar panel installation drawing


Water pump         Working diagram of solar panel

Water pump
                                                                   Actual effluent map


Water pump
                                Working drawing of water pump