1/4″ Multipurpose thread brass solenoid valve for water

1/4 inch solenoid valve

3/8 inch solenoid valve

1/2 inch solenoid valve

3/4 inch solenoid valve

1 inch solenoid valve

11/4 inch solenoid valve

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solenoid valve

solenoid valve



Solenoid Valves are used to control the high and low flow of the computerized fuel dispenser to achieve rapid fueling with high efficiency and give a precise measuring of the fueled amount, the suitable media





Function: This valve is solenoid valve type of automatic control actuators, it can automatically control or remote control the pipelines’ opening or closing of the medium of air/water/gas, etc.

These valves are of widely application/large scope of characters of working voltages, long working like, etc.

Solenoid valve

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solenoid valve

1/4 inch solenoid valve:

3/8 inch solenoid valve:

1/2 inch solenoid valve:

3/4 inch solenoid valve:

1 inch solenoid valve:

Solenoid valve

11/4 inch solenoid valve:

Solenoid valve





♦ You should read the manual before installation to check if it meets your requirements.

♦ You should clean the pipeline before using, impurity medium pipeline should install strainer to forbid the impurity to affect the valves working

♦ You should install the solenoid valve according to the direction of the valve, fluid direction the same as the arrow tip.

♦ Solenoid valve normally should be horizon installed, some products can be installed at any angle, but if it is permissible, you should install the valve with the coil upper horizontally.

♦ When in the icy surroundings, when reacted to the solenoid valve, you should warm up the valve body, or take heat preservation measures for the valves.

♦ You should check the connection or connectors’ tightening after connection of the solenoid valve’s power line or power line connector, loosing will cause the valve fails to work

♦ When  he solenoid valve should working or operate continually, you should install the bypass pipeline for maintenance and no need to stop the production

♦ When the solenoid is not working for a long time, you should clean the impurity, disassemble the parts and clean and recover it then you can use the solenoid valve