Dn16*17 Multi Valve for Drip Tape and Pipe Drip tape and accessories for drip irrigation

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 Product Name

               Dn16*17 Multi Valve for Drip Tape and Pipe
                  Model Number                PKMV021617
                  Material                Plastic
                  Color                colour mixture
                  Weight                 17
                   Size                 Dn16*17
                  MOQ                 450pcs
              Ctn Size(cm)                 54*35*28

Product details:

1. Multifunctional pipe valves are made of pure new plastic materials and imported anti-aging agents, which are carefully processed with scientific formulations. They have good anti-aging and anti-corrosion performance, long service life and low cost of follow-up maintenance.

2. Using precision injection moulding, the product has good size compatibility, no flash, beautiful appearance and good sealing performance.

3. High-quality rubber sealant ring, wear-resistant and ageing-resistant; each production needs to use life testing equipment to rotate more than 5000 times without leakage and wear.

4. High-strength plastic materials can resist greater external forces and are not easily damaged.

5. The product structure is scientific and reasonable, and the installation is simple and convenient.

6. The handle has unique design in China. It is elegant and beautiful. It has special material formula. It can be used for several years without fading and brittle. It has excellent ultraviolet resistance.

7. One kind of valve can replace four kinds of valves. It is the first one in China to save the cost of inventory backlog.

Product use: