DN25 / 32/40/50/65 flange integrated electromagnetic flowmeter

Product name: electromagnetic flowmeter
Measuring range: 0 ~ 9999m3 / H
Working temperature: 120 °
Working pressure: 1.6Mpa, 4Mpa, 16Mpa
Nominal diameter: DN10-DN2000
Accuracy level: 0.5 level
Lining material: rubber / PTFE / PO / PTFE / PFA, etc.
Electrode material: 316L, Hastelloy, tantalum electrode, etc.
Power supply voltage: 24V, 220V, optional output signal powered by lithium battery: 4 ~ 20mA, 485 protocol,
Applicable medium: conductive liquid / various strong acids / strong alkaline liquids / condensate

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Product name

electromagnetic flowmeter

Measuring range

0 ~ 9999m3 / H

Working temperature

120 °

Working pressure

1.6Mpa, 4Mpa, 16Mpa

Nominal diameter


Accuracy level

0.5 level

Lining material

rubber / PTFE / PO / PTFE / PFA, etc.

Electrode material

316L,Hastelloy,tantalum electrode, etc.

Power supply voltage

24V,220V,optional output signal powered by lithium battery: 4 ~ 20mA, 485 protocol

Applicable medium

conductive liquid / various strong acids / strong alkaline liquids / condensate


LGD integrated electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of highly intelligent and highly reliable flowmeter developed by international advanced technology. , Chemical industry, steel, food, electricity, papermaking, water conservancy and drainage, water administration, and water resources and other industries. The electromagnetic flowmeter is divided into pipeline type, plug-in type and split type according to the structure, and is divided into anticorrosive type, sanitary type, and ordinary type according to the performance.

Flange flowmeter


Flow caliber comparison table:

 Flange flowmeter


Sewage flow measurement:
From urban and rural sewage to acid and alkali wastewater from chemical production, you can easily “get it.” You can also use the built-in 485 functions of the instrument to network the flow data and remotely monitor the sewage discharge in real-time.

electromagnetic flowmeter

Measurement of clean water and circulating water:

Tap water, industrial and agricultural water, seawater and other flow measurement are widely used.

electromagnetic flowmeter

Chemical liquid measurement:
Measurement of acids, alkalis, raw materials and other liquids during production, this electromagnetic flowmeter has anti-corrosion function

electromagnetic flowmeter

Slurry measurement:

When mud and miner flow in the pipeline, the pipeline is greatly worn, and this flowmeter can also meet this problem

electromagnetic flowmeter