Smart 8 station sprinkler controller

Main Advantages:

Easy programming.

Auto adjust to weather.

Save money.

Remote control.

Easy to install.

Up to 8 sprinklers zone.

Intuitive UI system.





The smart 8 station sprinkler controller can connect up to an 8-way solenoid valve, providing versatile irrigation management for your garden.

Main Advantages:

1. Easy Programming:

  • The intuitive interface makes setting up and managing your irrigation schedule a breeze.

2. Auto Adjusts to Weather:

  • Automatically adjusts watering schedules based on the latest local weather forecasts, skipping watering on rainy and snowy days.

3. Save Money:

  • Efficient water usage can reduce your water bill by up to 50% compared to traditional irrigation systems.

4. Remote Control:

  • Control your irrigation system anytime, anywhere using the Smart Life app.

5. Easy to Install:

  • Quickly replaces your existing irrigation controller without the need for professional installation.

6. Multiple Sprinkler Zones:

  • The smart 8 station sprinkler controller supports up to 8 different watering zones, allowing you to customize watering schedules for various areas of your garden.

7. Intuitive UI System:

  • User-friendly interface on both the device and the app ensures easy navigation and control.

8. Waterproof:

  • Designed to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable operation in all weather conditions.


1. Zoning Irrigation:
  • Select the specific area to be irrigated.
  • Manually open and close the irrigation system on the device or via the app.
2. Timed Irrigation:
  • Schedule irrigation dates from Monday to Sunday.
  • Choose the area to be irrigated, set the irrigation time, and configure the watering cycle.
  • Set the absorption time, which is the pause period in a single watering cycle allowing the soil to absorb moisture before resuming watering.


  • Download the Smart Life app, start the journey with our smart 8 station sprinkler controller.
  • Power the device using the available power supplies (US, EU, UK, and AU).

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